Thursday, October 23, 2008

SQL Compact Command Parameters - II

After a bit of work, here's the new version of the OLE DB Client library with basic support for command parameters. The sample code implements a very simple query:

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE Country = @c

and executes it by setting the parameter value to 'Germany' (using the same sample database).

The first change you will see in the sample code is that I downgraded the solution to VS 2005 format due to some requests to do so. VS 2008 users can easily upgrade the solution, so this is a minor issue. For convenience, I'm also packaging everything in a single ZIP file. Also, all the samples from now on will deploy to the same device directory (typically in \Program Files\OleDbClient).

Executing a SQL Compact command with parameters is quite simple. In a nutshell:

hr = command.Prepare();
if(FAILED(hr)) ...
command.SetParam(1, _T("Germany"));
hr = command.Execute(rowset);

Remember from my last post that parameterized commands must be prepared before executing. If you look under the hood, you will see that parameters are bound (using code very similar to CRowset's column binding code) in the Prepare method. You can only set command parameter values after the Prepare method executes successfully.

This code still has some limitations, and the most notable one is the inability to handle BLOB parameters. When executing SQL commands, the OLE DB provider only accepts one accessor handle to bind all parameters. As we have seen in previous posts, this prevents us from binding more than one BLOB parameter. The only solution I devised for this when using the ATL OLE DB Consumer Templates was to force the BLOB parameters to have a maximum lenght and bind them as regular columns. Of course, this implies a change to the parameter binding code and some user intervention...

Sample code:

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