Friday, October 10, 2008

OLE DB Commands and SQL Compact

OLE DB Commands are created through the IDBCreateCommand Session object interface. Just find your Session object and call QueryInterface using the IID_IDBCreateCommand GUID. This interface just exposes one method - CreateCommand - that you use to create OLE DB Command objects. As with most COM and OLE DB objects, several interfaces are exposable for a given object subject to provider implementation. For SQL Compact the following interfaces are exposed:
  • ICommand - Execute the command through this interface. As I noted in a previous post, the Cancel method is not implemented in SQL Compact.
  • ICommandPrepare - Use this interface to Prepare or Unprepare the command. Command preparation is useful when executing the same command more than once and is required when using command parameters. Contrary to what happens with the ADO .NET provider, the Prepare method actively validates the SQL Command against the existing database, returning errors for incorrect syntax.
  • ICommandProperties - Gets or sets the properties associated with the Command.
  • ICommandText - Gets or sets the command text. This interface inherits from ICommand.
  • ICommandWithParameters - Manages command parameters (we will have to implement a data binding scheme similar to what exists in CRowset). SQL Compact allows only for input parameters, not output.
As you can see, this is enough to run SQL commands against SQL Compact's Query Processor. For now, we leave this here as a reference while I go back to work and start implementing these features in the OLE DB Client library.

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