Monday, March 17, 2008

Windows Mobile Remote Control - Published

You can now get the latest version of the Windows Mobile Remote Controller application here. This code adds compression to the screen data transport so it becomes a bit faster. Enjoy!


vincent said...

Thanks for this piece of code. I will try asap.
I have also a question about WTL framework and I don't know where to post it.
I know that you already have done some projects with WTL so you may be able to answer.
I have a WTL project on WM5/6 with a frame and some views and I would like to catch the exit message so that when I click on the Cancel button I check if I am in a certain view and if not go the mainview instead of exiting.

I tried to trace msg but I only get this :

CMainFrame msg : msg=WM_SIZE
CMainFrame msg : msg=WM_CANCELMODE
CMainFrame msg : msg=0xc003 ?
CMainFrame msg : msg=0x86 ?
CMainFrame msg : msg=WM_ACTIVATE

If you could help, thanks

Vincent R.
richom [ DOT] v [A.T] free [DOT] fr

vincent said...

forget it.
I have found.
In OnCreate I have added ::SHDoneButton( m_hWnd, SHDB_SHOWCANCEL );

And now I receive a WM_COMMAND that I can catch.