Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Installing VS 2008

I finally decided to install VS 2008 this morning. Why so late? I have been very busy and my customers use mainly VS 2005 so I had no urgency to install VS 2008. Now that it has been officially launched I will surely get more and more requests to migrate the products to .NET 3.5 so VS 2008 is a requirement.

Installation went as smothly as possible except for a mysterious shutdown at the end. I was not present, so I cannot tell you what happened but I suspect that the Vodafone 3G card is playing tricks on me. Again.

After installing, I looked at the C drive to check for free space and was appalled to see that it was below 50%. After installing Vista SP1, my C drive used space magically shrunk and has been growing very fast ever since. The culprit? System restore points! After clearing them I got back to post SP1 install conditions. Cool, my disk is back.

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