Thursday, August 02, 2007

Data Port Console 1.0 Beta 4 available for download

I have just uploaded the new Data Port Console Beta 4. As previously promised, import and export to Microsoft Access (2002-2003 and 2007) is now supported and this looks like it will be the last Beta. Now I will focus on cleaning a few bugs and will try to have the final version 1.0 by mid-August.

What's next? Primeworks.Data - the merger between DesktopSqlCe and Data Port Sync with a few "benefits" such as the ability to make P2P connections via Bluetooth or WiFi between two devices. Also I will add support for the JET (ACE) engines on the desktop server and will publish the services via a muti-threaded Windows Sockets server (I don't anticipate the need for IOCP anytime soon because there will be few concurrent connections).

The new Beta 4 can be downloaded from here.

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