Friday, August 03, 2007

Bitten by the desktop GC

If you downloaded the Console Beta 4 I published yesterday, you might have noticed how badly it bombed when exporting an SDF database to Access. The error message you see usually means that some native code DLL is writing to NULL pointers or doing some other equally responsible stuff. In this case what you see is a NULL pointer dereference (yes, that bad).

While running perfectly in Debug mode, the error almost always showed up in Release mode. When exporting very short databases or single tables it might not show up. But when I tried to export the Northwind sample the Console would bomb exporting one of the largest tables (Order Details or Orders). The keyword here is random because as it turned out, the error was being caused by the garbage collector (well, my bad code was causing it - the GC just made it apparent).

The Access database code was implemented in C++ with a similar approach as DesktopSqlCe's low-level classes: there are separate classes for the table structure and the table cursor. In order to open a base table cursor and insert data on the table (no SQL is used for data manipulation) the code creates a table object and "opens" it returning a "rowset" object. My mistake was to have the table class include an ATL CTable-derived object, not a pointer to it. The CTable-derived class contains all the accessor and rowset logic that are used by the rowset object. Making it static is a bad idea because the desktop .NET GC did not know about this and kills the table object because it thinks it is no longer needed. After all the only active object is the rowset... Now you see the problem: by killing the table, the rowset is implicitly killed as well because it shares an object that is statically owned by the table. Closing the rowset means that a few internal pointers will be deleted and set to NULL. Bang! Am I smart or what? (The answer is "No").

I uploaded a revised Beta 4 that solves this issue, so if you installed the one I uploaded yesterday please replace it with the new one.

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