Saturday, October 08, 2005

Supporting SQL Mobile

The Beta 2 version, that is. So far I was able to update my code to work with SQL Mobile (running on a Pocket PC 2003 device) without a lot of work. Some of the constants will change, such as CLSID_SQLSERVERCE_2_0 which must now be CLSID_SQLSERVERCE_3_0.

Bookmarks are now unsigned integers (DBTYPE_UI4) when they were integers in SQL CE 2.0.

Another interesting difference occurs when you open a table with an index. With SQL CE 2.0, using an empty string for the index name would be interpreted as no index selection. No so with SQL Mobile - an empty string seems to be a valid index name and the table will refuse to open. Here's some code I had to change in my previously published CIndexTable class template (in bold):

if(szIndexName && wcslen(szIndexName))
idIndex.eKind = DBKIND_NAME;
idIndex.uName.pwszName = (LPOLESTR)T2COLE(szIndexName);
pIndex = &idIndex;

I am testing the whole code against SQL Mobile and will post my findings as they come up.

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