Sunday, October 09, 2005

RemSqlCe.dll for SQL Mobile

It took me less than an hour to port all of the SQL CE 2.0 code in RemSqlCe.dll to SQL Mobile. Wow! I never expected it to be so fast. There were some minor issues I had to deal with.

First, the whole project was ported from eVC3 to eVC4. This was not a strict requirement, but since I was targeting a Pocket PC 2003 device I decided to do so. The result was interesting because I ended up dropping some dead code that still hangs around on the SQL CE 2.0 version... Now I have a smaller DLL (87 KB).

When porting to eVC4, I had to drop Giuseppe Govi's STL port and use the one that ships with the Pocket PC 2003 SDK. Apparently the old STL code will create a number of compile-time conflicts with the XML headers...

After changing a few constants and applying the small correction I mentioned on my last post, the code started to work - in less than one hour (most of this time was spent with the eVC3 to eVC4 migration).

The SQL Mobile component can be downloded from here. Please note that this will retain a Beta status while SQL Mobile is also a Beta product. To install it, just copy it to your device's \Windows directory and you are done.

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