Thursday, February 19, 2009

TouchBrowser - II

Here are a few more tweaks to the touch browser sample I published in my last post. One of the issues that nagged me was the item's height - too small for finger use. This new sample uses the large system image list which makes for bigger items that can be more easily selected with a finger.

As you can see from the image, directories and regular files are rendered differently. File items will also have the file size and last change date printed in the list for the next release.

In this version I also fixed the bub in the EnsureVisible function. When you use the direction keys to navigate the list the items are now correctly shown and the list scrolls with a small animation.

My major concern with this code is finger-friendliness. There are still a lot of rough edges and it works best with a stylus - not my intended purpose. I'm still wondering how to solve this issue and make the code consistently recognize a drag gesture. Finally, I will also have to change the way the code accepts an action on an item. One of the ideas I'm exploring for this is to define a "hot" area in the item that will be used to take the action (in this case to open a file or a directory). Each item will know where its hot area is and will report it back to the container in a HitTest - type of function.


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