Thursday, February 05, 2009

Minor bug correction

There is a bug in the last version of atltouch.h that causes a debug assertion when the user clicks the empty area of the list. To solve it open the atltouch.h file and look for the ActivateItem method on line 910. Before the last call to NotifyItemChange, insert the following line:


Thanks, Vincent!


vincent said...
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vincent said...


do you know if the same kind of controls you developp exist in other frameworks (.NET, MFC, win32, ...).
I mean some controls that you can use using tactile screen ?

João Paulo Figueira said...

I believe Resco has an implementetion of these for .NET CF. One of my scheduled jobs is to port the Touch List from WTL to .NET CF and I'm planning to publish it on my new managed blog after I publish my notes about SQL Compact optimization techniques.

vincent said...

On this topic, you should really have a look at iContact (
The GUI and controls are amazing, it's written in pure win32 but it seems so good.
If you want to try, I think it only works on Windows Mobile 6 Pro and there's a crash if no contacts are available.
Have look and tellm e what you think ...