Monday, May 26, 2008

The tamed tree view

On my last post I described a strange behavior of the tree view control when it is used as a WTL child view and when it is scrolled into view using the SlideView sample application that I have been developing to illustrate child view animations. The solution for this problem was, as I suspected, to host the tree view control in another window and making this window the frame's child view. All animations work correctly now when the tree view control is showed up.

In this latest version of the sample, I extended the use of the CSelectionBar control (some call it the header bar control) in order to select which animation to perform (using the left menu). Now the code also supports switching views without any animation (select 'None').

This control will be updated to allow userd to display arbitrary windows instead of a standard popup menu and also will allow the inclusion of other controls in the toolbar (like an edit control or a combobox).

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