Thursday, May 22, 2008

The misbehaved tree view

Following up on the WTL child view animation code I have been working on, I have noticed that when the tree view child window is selected into view (see the sample application), the animation never works as expected. In fact, the tree does not seem to correctly repaint while it is being moved, contrary to the form and list view. After selecting the tree view it also fails to correctly repaint when you open another application and return to the sample (use the Memory applet).

This problem became more apparent when I decided to adapt a very old piece of code to WTL 8.0: the selection tool bar (what you see on top of the PPC File Explorer). Being a toolbar, it must coexist with the child view within the same frame, so the scrolling code had to be adapted.

I will post the solution for this problem when I find it. Most likely I will have to host the tree in another window...

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