Monday, February 25, 2008

Windows Mobile Remote Control

Here is the first version of the Windows Mobile Remote Control application. It basically extends the concepts I developed for the Code Project article "A Remote Windows Mobile Screen Grabber". Instead of a blocking RAPI call, this project uses a streamed call so that a live connection persists between the device and the desktop. Mouse and keyboard events are now sent over to the device so you can remotely control your device from the desktop. Please note that this is still a bit crude and will fail under some circumstances, like when you launch a Direct Draw application on the device. For regular GDI applications, it should work just fine (if you can live with 4-5 fps, that is).

Now I must add some way to send the special device keys, like the phone and left / right selection buttons.


Sam Wong said...

Wow. Exactly what's I am looking for.

Except that I comes from a managed world, didn't have the SDK (download) installed yet. And no idea how to execute/install the Server DLL.

Rodrigo said...


I have about 20 handheld devices with WinCE 5.0 to administer, and this is the solution i am really looking for.

How can i make this work?

Best regards,

Rodrigo Catarino

Rodrigo said...

Can this work vi wifi?

Rodrigo said...

Sorry, can it be done via IP - wifi?

João Paulo Figueira said...

Yes, you can make this work over an IP connection. You have to install a small socket server on the device, but this is very much feasible (like I did with my products).