Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Second step to Sync

Before synchronizing two databases, one must know what has changed in both of them. Getting to know what changed involves some exercise, especially when using two database engines that will not support any data tracking (at least with exposed APIs). Microsoft Access and SQL CE / Mobile fall in this category and require some work and data in order to track changes.

After figuring out a simple means of doing this, using additional tracking tables and columns on the tracked database, I wrote a new sample using the pre-release code of Data Port Sync and DesktopSqlCe (some minor errors were corrected meanwhile). After selecting an Access database, this sample prepares it (according to the user's selection of tables and columns) and exports it to the device. Preparation involves adding new tables to the database and new columns to the tracked tables.

After all is ready, you can start playing with both databases and the code will report what changed and in what table. Tracked rows are uniquely identified across both databases with a GUID value. I expect to upload the sample to the site very soon. Stay tuned.

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