Thursday, September 01, 2005

Why? Because I Can!

The stunt both me and César pulled off on August 30th caused some interest in the community. Hits on my site peaked as I never thought would be possible.

One guy, though, kept it cool. In his note on Pocket PC Thoughts, Ed Hansberry said:

I am sure someone will fine a practical application for this, but for now, it falls under the W?BIC category.

Actually we started this stunt with a challenge from César. Why don't we try and connect?

Ed has a good point. The practical implications of this are still a bit limited by the technology. On one hand, the client must know the IP address of the server PDA. This will change very often due to the connection methods available. Not everybody will be able to have a fixed IP address to use on the PDA. So one may wonder if the a half-a-world-away scenario is feasible, but on a WiFi scenario this may actually happen.

On the other hand, while the server is actually busy serving data, the PDA user cannot edit his data. This is obviously a limitation of the current SQL CE 2.0 engine that will be lifted with SQL Mobile. When it becomes mainstream, one may see real-world applications of this technology, where the backoffice accesses the mobile database to update it while the user continues to work.

So that's right, Ed: Why did we do it? Because we could, and was a lot of fun! ;)

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