Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Extreme database editing

My friend César and I just participated in what I would call "extreme database editing". After discussing my new site and the latest improvements to DesktopSqlCe, César challenged me to try and edit a SQL CE database on his PDA. We would use the latest version of my tools and would do it over the network. The challenge was that he lives in Peru and I live in Portugal.

I don't know how, but he did manage to get his PDA connected to the Internet with a fixed IP address, which is all that my Pocket PC server software needs to start serving a remote client. On my end, I used SQL CE Console to edit his data. We were using ADSL on both ends, which means that our real bandwidth was limited by the upload bandwith which is typically 128K.

It took us some time to get the connection settings right (especially with César because the server PDA was on his end), but we finally managed to make it work. I could successfully connect to César's PDA, open the Northwind database, insert some new records, and disconnect without a hitch. No data were lost.

Cool stuff!

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