Friday, October 26, 2007

Access 2007 woes

I don't have any complaints about using the Access 2007 application whatsoever. After the not so brief period that took me to learn the new user interface (some stuff on the older UI was quicker to use), the experience is quite smooth. Not so on the nuts-and-bolts side of the question.

As you already know I'm an OLEDB freak, and I use it for all native code database access I write both on the device and on the desktop. Last year I did write a sizeable amount of code for my data synchrnization component (Data Port Sync) and this targeted the JET 4.0 database engine. The code I wrote implemented both the Access database preparation and also change tracking. Database preparation involves creating a few extra tables and adding two columns to every tracked table. This looks pretty simple to do using straight SQL, but when I consistently failed to create self generating "replication id" columns (the SQL equivalent of the uniqueidentifier type with the rowguidcol property) I turned to the low-level
ITableDefinitionWithConstraints OLEDB interface to do all the table creation work. The code is not nice to see, but it is effective and gave me an added bonus: I can hide the tables from the user. To add the extra columns to the tracked tables, I used the
ITableDefinition interface.

Recently I started to get requests from my customers to support the new Access 2007 file format on my data transfer products. Changing the provider from Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 to Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 did the trick quite nicely because Microsoft kept all the other connection string properties untouched. BTW: where can I find a reference to all the properties and most importantly, where are the new header files for OLEDB?

The first implementation of the Access 2007 database engine was shipped on the Data Port Console release. Although it does not create the mdb or accdb files (yet), it successfully imports and exports data to and from the various SDF formats.

Going back to the desktop synchronization code (which will eventually see its way into the Console) I recently began to write a small desktop agent for simple desktop scenarios. Putting the new code to work was quite easy until I decided to test the code against an Access 2007 database. I picked up the old Northwind sample and converted it to the new engine only to find that my preparation code would fail miserably. There were no issues when the tracking columns were created, but it proved next to impossible to create the tracking tables: the engine would throw an E_FAIL error with a very strange OLEDB error description: "Could not find field." Period. I changed every possible factor that could be causing this: column names, the table name, absence or presence of delimiter brackets. Nothing would work. Out of desperation, I replaced the code with a straight SQL DDL command only to be greeted with a similar error: "Could not find field 'SID'." I beg your pardon? There is no 'SID' in my command! Has Access gone mad?

No, Access is working perfectly but the accdb file seems to be corrupt. After reverting all the code back to what it was, I decided to create a new accdb from scratch and then import new data from an SDF using the Console. After running it through the preparation code there was no error! Is the database conversion code broken in Access 2007?

Bottom line: don't convert mdb to accdb. Create a new accdb and then import the old data into it. Sigh.

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