Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to Bluetooth the WTL way

I'm writing this post from (today not so) sunny Algarve using my brand-new Vodafone Mobile connect card. This thing really works but the Vista version of the software seems to be a bit slow when booting. Also, if I boot the machine with the card plugged in the driver will not find it. Apart from this it's a treat - I get internet access pretty much wherever I want to (coverage permitting).

I'm coming back to writing about Bluetooth on Windows Mobile devices and this time I'm exploring the Microsoft stack. Using MFC code I had written almost a year ago, I'm now turning to WTL to rewrite the sample for the article. So far I can tell you that the Windows Mobile WTL wizard looks quite competent at generating the basic application code. More impressions on this experience will be published here. Stay tuned.

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