Friday, June 08, 2007

Data Port Console 1.0 Beta 2 available for download

You can get the latest Beta 2 from this link. There are a number of bug fixes in this Beta that make it more stable and reliable. Error reporting has been improved but this requires that you update the device component using the included installer. As a matter of fact, users would be greeted with empty error dialogs because of how the OLE DB error information was being collected.

One of the features I added for this Beta was a special request of Alberto Silva: the ability to edit the query data grid (when the user enters an "updatable" SELECT). Behind the scenes, the code just uses a SqlCeCommandBuilder to create the necessary commands (displayed on the notes tab) and these are used for updating (use the save button). You can also filter the grid by selecting the row state and the changes can be rolled back row by row (before updating, of course).

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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