Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Data Port Console 1.0 Beta 1 available for download

I have just uploaded the Data Port Console 1.0 Beta 1 setup file. This is the first public Beta of the product and it already has the license mechanism in place, limiting the use to 30 days. For the people I promised to offer a free license, now is the time to collect it: please send me an email with your desired license name so I can issue the key.

There are some new features wothy of notice:
  • Connection breakups are detected and handled. This means that if you inadvertently break the USB connection both the desktop and the device will gracefully recover (the device may take a few seconds before it becomes responsive, but this is a RAPI issue).
  • The device component is now manually installed from a specific menu. I have included a very comprehensive set of device cabs: Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 (both Pocket PC and Smartphone), Windows CE 4.2 (all CPUs) and Windows CE 5.0 (all CPUs). Hopefully the WM5 cab will install correctly on WM6 devices.
  • The new version of DesktopSqlCe (1.8) is included (the console is built on top of DesktopSqlCe 1.8) and the Gold will ship with a single user license of this component. This means that if you just want to use the component in one PC (the same where the Console is installed) you will not have to pay the extra DesktopSqlCe license.

I'm really interested in reading your opinions on this product and what features you would add / remove / change.

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