Saturday, March 24, 2007

SQL Compact Edition Insert Performance

How fast can you insert on a SQL Compact Edition database? On March 22nd I delivered a presentation on SQL Compact Edition in the local TechDays 2007 event. The event was a great success with lots of people literally flooding the venue. Unlike Alberto Silva, I was lucky enough to present only once. Poor Alberto had to make the same presentation twice due to the unbelievably large number of people that attended his first show. I managed to get away with a peak audience of 167...

The demo that caused most impact on my presentation was a benchmark between four different approaches to bulk data insertion on a SQL Compact Edition database. As you are probably guessing, using native code and OLE DB was the fastest scenario but the SqlCeResultSet also puts out a very decent performance.

To better illustrate this (and also to release the code to the public), I published an article that explains the benchmark and shows how wrong you can be if you don't use the correct approach...


Bei said...

Thanks to you I made my application much faster!

Many thanks!


Esqueci que você é português! Sou brasileiro, prazer em conhecer!

Bei said...

Graçar a você eu fiz a minha aplicação ficar muito mais rápida! Obrigado,