Thursday, November 02, 2006

Draft 3 Notes

There is something I forgot to mention about Draft 3: you have to manually deploy the new RemSqlCe.dll file to the device. Please remember that this is far from being a finished product so you will see lots of missing features, and this is one of them.

The new RemSqlCe.dll (marked as 1.50.xxxx) now supports multiple databases per physical connection. I was looking forward to implement this new feature some time ago. It was not quite necessary for products like the Wizard where you actually process one device database per connection. With DesktopSqlCe I started to feel the need to implement this but as the sales took off I simply got too busy supporting my customers cleaning off some very stupid bugs, and this was delayed.

I finally decided to rewrite the console and implementing this feature was on the top of my to-do list. Designing the multi-database support code was quite easy: I extracted most of the code that was on a single monolithic server and implemented it in a separate class. This new server class is instantiated whenever a new database is created or an existing one is opened, and a pointer to it is stored in an internal array of 256 elements (I believe you will never need to open 256 databases on a device at the same time, will you?). When you open a database using the Draft 3 code you can see the server index in the database properties window. If you get a -1 after opening the database then you are using an older version of RemSqlCe.dll - please replace it. Note that the index value will not automatically refresh after opening the database. To do so, please select another node in the tree and select the database node again.

Please send all your comments and suggestions to this forum. The best ideas will get a free license. What do you think should be in this product?
  • Integrated import / export features?
  • If so, what formats should I support?
  • What database editing features are the most important for you?
  • Should I implement some sort of SQL Command batch processing?
  • Do you want to manage other Microsoft databases from this console?
  • Should I integrate the Data Port Sync features?

Let's hear it from you!

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