Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Handling multiple databases

I'm preparing what will be the first Data Port Console Draft for public download. It will be an unfinished piece of code: you will see lots of holes in it and I will politely ask you not to use any production database with it. But it will be good enough for you to see what is coming up and the whole "Draft" idea is to get user input while I am developing this new product. The basics are working on SQL CE Console, so let's make this one a much better tool.

One of the biggest improvements you will see is that the code now handles multiple databases per connection (DesktopSqlCe users - this will also apply to you). As a matter of fact, and as you should expect, the whole product is based on DesktopSqlCe and I am using this as an excuse to add more features to the component.

The versions so far used to tie up the Pipe (physical connection) to the SqlCeDatabase in a one-to-one relationship. No more! Now you can have more than one SqlCeDatabase object per Pipe even on a RAPI connection. This enables some interesting scenarios indeed, and the first consumer for this one will be the new Console. Stay tuned for the incoming Draft 1.

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