Friday, August 18, 2006

SQL Mobile Peer to Peer

My first P2P experience with SQL Mobile has just happened: using my iPAQ 2210 with a SanDisk SD Wi-Fi card was able to connect via a wireless network to my i-mate K-Jam, open a local SQL Mobile database and enumerate all tables.

This is especially cool because I am not using revolutionary new technology - I just adapted what I had been using in my products a long time ago. Let's see a little history.

When I first shipped Data Port Wizard almost two years ago, the device component DLL (RemSqlCe.dll) was only a RAPI streamed server. Soon I understood that I could adapt the same stream code and build more transports on top of it and the TCP/IP single-threaded server came about in almost no time. In its first incarnation the server resided in a separate device DLL file, but it was not a very pratical solution. The next release of DesktopSqlCe will have a new version of RemSqlCe.dll with the socket server code included as well as a CF (1.0 and 2.0) sample that shows how to use it. And this is what I used on the K-Jam for the server.

The client uses an adapted version of the desktop's dssce.dll and Primeworks.DesktopSqlCe.dll. (In a future version, these DLL files will change their names to better reflect what they do.) This is how I was able to quickly produce pwdclice.dll (dssce.dll device version) and the new Primeworks.Data.Client.dll (Primeworks.DesktopSqlCe.dll device version). I ported the code for both DLL files in about one day (cool, huh?).

Now, besides being able to open a local device connection I can also open a TCP/IP client connection to a server device. Et voilá: P2P! Shipping in September, but I'm open to send the early builds to anyone willing to test the code.

Three final thoughts:

Why should you want to have a local connection on your device? After all, that is why you make a reference to System.Data.SqlServerCe in your application, right? Well, can you connect to either SQL CE 2.0 and SQL Mobile with the same data provider using the same application code? And can you remotely connect to another device just by changing connection properties? Now you can!

And why not add socket server code to the LocSqlCe.dll, the RemSqlCe.dll desktop counterpart? This would be a very easy way to set up a client server scenario over the internet...

On the issue of pluggable data streams, why not a virtual COM port over Bluetooth as well? Can I sync my sdf with yours via Bluetooth?

Stay tuned!

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