Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SqlCeSpy .NET

I'm starting to publish the full source code for SqlCeSpy, a SQL CE 2.0 database viewer / editor based on the FastSqlCe assembly and the fssce.dll DLL. All managed code is being published for review but not the C++ code. The project file can be found here (Zip 352KB). By opening and using this code, you acknowledge that this code was written by me and that I am the only one to blame for any errors that you may find there (hehehe).

Before you deploy the project to the device, make sure that the fssce.dll file is copied to either the target project folder or to the \Windows folder.

Functionality is now limited to browsing the database structure and to renaming tables, something that seems to be deprecated on SQL Mobile. By the way - what does "deprecated" mean? I'm feeling linguistically challenged here: does it mean that the feature is not supported or that it is supported but should not be used? Comments are welcome.

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